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Iíve been a daydreamer since I can remember and when I was a kid in school that always gave me trouble. I still have the imagination of a child, but now I think that itís a gift, because it provides me with unlimited inspiration and creativity for my art. I think anybody can learn Photoshop, Flash, and Illustrator, but you donít learn in school how to become a dreamer.

I knew my chosen career before I ever entered college. Graphics and multi-media is my passion, because it opened a new world where everything is possible. My teacher in digital media once said you can put somebody on the moon and make it look realistic. My job as a graphic designer, is to make everything look beautiful, to be user friendly and make the impossible possible. I'm able to create whatever I want without limitations. Iím grateful for the new technology, and programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, etc. These software applications make my life easier. I love to push the creativity in different directions and always create something new.
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